Flora Bradwell

The Cluen Dynasty Museum

20 May - 20 Jul 2013

The Cluen Dynasty is an entirely imaginary famiy of Circus performers. This once celebrated clan wowed the world with their fictional feats of agility, fearlessness and physical prowess. Among their ranks the Cluen's included Cheryl the Incredible Equestrian Acrobatics Star and Terrible Tony the One Armed Strongman. With the last surviving Cluens lost and dispersed throughout Haringey all that is left of the memory of this legendary ancestral line is The Cluen Dynasty Museum.

For two months only London-based artist Flora Bradwell brings The Cluen Dynasty Museum to Jacksons Lane. Come along and lose yourself in this imagined world. To download the audio tour visit www.florabradwell.com/cluen. Don’t forget to bring your headphones.

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