Kill The Beast

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

05 - 16 Mar 2013

Adapted from the cult novel by Dr Who and Little Britain star Tom Baker, this critically acclaimed production makes its London première at Jacksons Lane.

Thirteen-year-old Robert Caligari has a rather nasty habit of kicking pigs. But today Robert is going to get his comeuppance. Today is the day that Robert Caligari is going to die.

Shark mutilation, a potential apocalypse and a nasty incident involving weedkiller cornflakes all threaten to crash in this sinister farce; a deliciously gruesome tale set in the drab and dreary time when teenagers had nothing better to do than attempt to poison their sisters, plot the downfall of mankind and kick pigs.

"Inventive, clever and hilarious, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs is a twisted triumph and an unmissable production from the very exciting Kill The Beast" Whats On Stage ★★★★★

"Possibly the most well-delivered moment of black humour I have ever seen on stage." The Public Reviews ★★★★★

"David Cumming as the boy himself was just fantastic" Exeunt ★★★★

"After all the laughter, your face will hurt by the end of it." The Londonist

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs is presented by Kill The Beast and Sarah Brown Productions in development with The Lowry.

  • The Boy Who Kicked Pigs
A mesmerising stage show by the scorchingly talented young company Kill the Beast Time Out ★★★★

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