Tamasha & Circus Space

The Arrival

09 - 13 Apr 2013

Dele plays a last game of football with his friends, says goodbye to his son and sets off on a voyage to a smog-filled metropolis across the sea. Carrying only a small suitcase he embarks on a journey into the unknown.

A moment of kindness in a sea of unfamiliarity… A hard day at work…

A lively party… A nostalgic lullaby…

Based on the illustrated novel by Oscar winner Shaun Tan, one man’s tale echoes the many ‘arrivals’ happening around us all the time. This epic story unfolds through an extraordinary blend of theatre, circus and music.

"A 50-minute gem that fuses movement, music, poetry, circus skills and projected animations seamlessly to bring the experience of strangers arriving in strange lands to life." The Stage

Free post-show performance:


By Christine Bacon, directed by Kristine Landon-Smith. A Tamasha collaboration with iceandfire and Write to Life.

Immediately following The Arrival on Thu 11 Apr and the matinee on Sat 13 Apr, there will be a short piece by participants of Write to Life about their experiences of adapting to life in London and the daily challenges they face.

For more info about Souvenirs please visit Tamasha's website.

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A beautifully understated show...full of ideas about how to integrate theatre and circus, which slyly creeps up on you and seizes your heart The Guardian

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