Barry and Stuart

Show and Tell

07 - 09 Feb 2013

Stars of BBC1’s The Magicians and winners of the World Magic Awards: Best Comedy Illusionists, twisted warlocks Barry and Stuart will be stunning audiences with their amazing new show, Show and Tell.  

In the first half of the show, expect their trademark innovative tricks and devious illusions, then in the second half, be prepared to have your minds blown as they exclusively reveal all the secrets behind the magic, in showing you, for the first time ever, exactly how those tricks were done!

Contains strong language and adult content

"Massively impressive, wickedly entertaining and deliciously devious" Time Out

"Barry and Stuart work modern-day magic" Radio Times

"If you like thrills, jumps, bafflement, astonished silence, raucous cheers of delight, and a little blood, Barry & Stuart deliver all." British Comedy Guide



  • Barry and Stuart
A triumph of astonishing illusions Time Out

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