Scarabeus Aerial Theatre in association with Little Angel Theatre

La Tempesta

08 - 18 Aug 2013

This summer Queens Wood will transform as performers and puppets tell a beautiful story from high above heads. Suspended in the trees, magical puppets and performers will come alive.
When their house is swept away by a flood, a family collect a few treasured possessions as they journey to a new beginning.
La Tempesta is a stunning circus performance for children and families where audiences become part of the show; interacting with performers and helping them on their journey.
Exploring how love and resilience are found in the most unexpected places, aerial theatre company Scarabeus and puppetry specialists Little Angel Theatre are bringing this spectacular new show to Queens Wood in Highgate.
Director & Little Angel Artistic Director: Peter Glanville
Director & Scarabeus Artistic Director: Daniela Essart
Technical Director & Rigging Design: Søren Nielsen
Set & Costume: Belinda Ackermann
Puppet Design & making: Susan Dacre
Performances take place in Queens Wood, Muswell Hill Road, Highgate, N10 3JP. Tickets can be picked up from Jacksons Lane up to one hour before the performance start time. After this time, all tickets must be collected from the site in Queens Wood.
How to find La Tempesta
- Enter Queens Wood from Muswell Hill Road
- Take the right hand path after passing the Cafe on the left
- Keep left as you follow the path
- Pass the Frog Pool on the left and the site is on the right
La Tempesta is an all-weather outdoor performance. Terms and conditions apply. 
  • Scarabeus Aerial Theatre in association with Little Angel Theatre
  • Scarabeus Aerial Theatre in association with Little Angel Theatre

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