Dom Coyote & Other Stories

The Raun Tree

14 - 17 Nov 2012

"Dom Coyote knocks my socks off! With the voice of a fallen, urban angel he takes us to heaven and hell. With an extraordinarily talented team this is a visceral song cycle for a new generation". Emma Rice, Kneehigh Theatre

The Raun Tree is an apocalyptic fairytale, told through epic music and compelling storytelling, written and performed by musician/theatre maker Dom Coyote and a group of superb accompanying musicians.

A young boy is lost and alone, in a strange, dreamlike world. He is searching for his way home, with only the mysterious Raun Tree and the old man that lives within it to guide him.
The Raun Tree is created by Dom Coyote and Other Stories, with a talented artistic team including BAFTA award-winning songwriter Emily Barker, designer director Michael Vale, Nat Butler and Adrian Acolatse, who work as the rhythm section for mercury prize winner Speech Debelle.
Dom is an associate artist with Kneehigh Theatre and has written music and performed with Art Angel, The National Theatre and The Royal Shakespeare Company. 

Click here to listen to Shiver in the Dark, a song chapter from the show.


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