Rogue Theatre

The Dancer and the Devil

21 - 24 Nov 2012

Set in a secret bar in a country smothered by war, Rogue Theatre presents a cabaret of those displaced, those who have had to hide, to run away from their past lives with hastily packed cases bursting with secrets and stories.

Created in the woods, The Dancer And The Devil is a theatre show, a blend of showmanship and poetry mixing spectacle, narrative and dance with enthralling live music and a wild spirit.

So come and join us, lose yourself in the smell of wood smoke and perfume, the taste of danger and the wild thrill of the forest.

"Pushes the imagination of the viewer to it's most magical" Plays To See ★★★★

Garish, glittering, imaginative, surprising and, at the end, devastating... Art personified. Wonderful! What's On Stage ★★★★

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