The Blue Stocking Society

Night of the Blue Stockings

30 Nov 2012

A bevy of burlesque and cabaret bad girls don their blue stockings to take over Jacksons Lane with an irreverent blend of humour and sass.

The Blue Stocking Society is a modern-day Women's Institue for showgirls with personality, who like their satire with lashings of sauce and their striptease spiced with razor-sharp wit. Inspired by the 18th century literary society of the same name, the 21st Century Bluestockings have been hosting their boisterous evenings of cabaret and burlesque for the last two years, to great acclaim.

"A highly entertaining night...extremely funny." One Stop Arts

“Quirky cabaret, mirthful songs and the notorious raffle." The Londonist

Performers include -

Blue Stocking Society co-founders:

Burlesque Clown Audacity Chutzpah ( AKA Madam Secretary)

Cheeky diva Tricity Vogue ( AKA Madam Treasurer)

And illustrious bluestocking alumni:

The notorious Ophelia Bitz (AKA Madam Whip)

Bawdy ukulele songstress Ria Lina

Music hall vaudevillian Shirley Windmill

Slapstick showgirl Ginger Blush

Witty burlesque trickster Laurie Hagen  

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London's most celebrated sorority, the sisterhood showcase boasts the best line-up in town Time Out Critics' Choice

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