John Cooper Clarke

02 Dec 2012

This event has now sold out.

We’re thrilled to be hosting one of the leading voices of late 70s youth culture, ‘The Bard of Salford’ himself John Cooper Clarke.

Famous for his biting, satirical and political poetry, delivered in rapid-fire style, John has shared the stage with some of the punk movement’s biggest stars: The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Buzzcocks and Joy Division. A figurehead of the movement, he became one of Britain’s best loved and most important poets. With the current revival of the 70s punk phenomenon, 'The Punk Poet' is as important now as he was then.

Key figures in popular culture today cite John as a major influence on their work, including The Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner (he has a John Cooper Clarke tattoo!) and Plan B, who asked John to appear in his directorial debut Ill Manors earlier this year.

  • John Cooper Clarke

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