So & So Circus Theatre

Backgammon for Beginners

12 - 22 Sep 2012

After premiering at this year’s CircusFest in Spring, Jacksons Lane Associate Artists So & So Circus returns with Backgammon for Beginners.

November 1976. A military jet arrives in London and a bemused looking Iranian man in flares steps onto the tarmac. He holds a single suitcase and takes in the sight of this new land.

Unknown to airport officials, he has smuggled in the last of his opium supply, and brings with him a complicated past from a culture which doesn’t slot neatly into his own.

Fusing drama, edge of your seat acrobatics and live music, So & So Circus tell the true story of this extraordinary man and a life lived without a safety net.

"There is much to cheer here from this young company, not least of which is their unique physical language." The Guardian

"An arresting story with humour, candour and ravishing acrobatics" This is Cabaret

"Dramatic and daring. Poignant, funny and moving. But most of all really entertaining. Performed with real attitude." The Stage

"An exquisite harmony of acrobatics, storytelling and music, which teeters constantly at the exhilarating brink between virtuosity and real danger, actor and character and fiction and reality.” Exeunt Magazine

“Reaches towards the sorts of gut feelings that points of data can’t describe. A step forward for UK circus” Sideshow Magazine

We're delighted to offer under 26 year old Haringey residents £5 tickets to this performance.

  • Backgammon for Beginners
  • Backgammon for Beginners
Evokes the power of the most captivating storytelling Exeunt Magazine

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