If you've got it, strut it!

Mon 18 Jul 5PM

The Lords of Strut are funny, camp, and outrageous. They've got some serious moves and they will be closing this year's Postcards Festival with their signature screwball style. We sat down with Cian Kinsella, one half of the Lords to talk about their London debut...

So…who are the Lords of Strut?

Cian and Cormac, two boys who started something that has gone to places they never thought it would and are always trying to.

Cormac is a family man, his lady and daughter are very important to him and everything revolves around that life, but he is also very active in the Circus community in Cork. He is mad about circus, he's been doing it since he's a teenager and it has been his only real job.

Cian have a different responsibility, as in none, or just to myself. I have a deep need to create and to push myself, I like life to be wild and sometimes I like to just work in my garden. I always like to eat good food.

What’s Chaos – is it funny? Is it going to be chaotic?

People have a great laugh in the show. Our kind of humour is very simple, you don't have to be political or understand the things we are taking the piss out of. For us the kind of comedy we do is like circus, everyone can watch circus. Circus is very dangerous, there is no sense as to why someone would do risk their safety and injure themselves but when you watch it there is a universal simplicity and beauty to it. That’s what (for me) circus is to the art world and that is what our kind of comedy is to the stand-up world.

Is it chaotic? It depends on how wild the audience gets!

How would you describe the show – is it circus, physical comedy, dance, clowning, or all of the above?

Yes it is all of the above, but it is also unique to us – our comedy is flamboyant, over the top, cheesy and alternative. If you are looking for a good time it will hit the spot! Fitting into a genre or not fitting into a genre has been tricky for us. I've been working for years trying to describe to people what we do and I think I'm getting close with saying we are "show men". The material we make is sometimes political and sometimes not, sometimes with dance and sometimes with circus. But whatever we do we want to make it entertaining, and fun for both the audience and us.

Spill the truth…what’s your “bullet proof” secret to happiness?

Make your own path, be the person you want to be, support other people who are independent, learn, grow, bounce, fall, make art, love each other and say what’s on your mind – you will attract the right people to you!

We’re so honoured to have the Lords close this year’s Postcards Festival – how excited are you?

Excited on a scale of 1-100 we are 100% excited. We have performed in other people’s shows in London before but this will be the first Lords of Strut show in London!

Don't miss Chaos, Lords of Strut's London debut this Saturday. Chaos is a part of Postcards 2016, our Pay What You Decide festival of circus and cabaret.

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